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Weston Tutor Collaborative tutors are experienced and caring.

Tutors have expertise in teaching all areas of the SAT — math, verbal, and writing sections and all areas of the ACT — math, reading, writing, and science.

Students can work with one tutor throughout the entire test preparation process.

Dawn Ash

Tutoring Expertise:

  • SAT Reasoning Test (all sections)
  • ACT
  • Math I and II SAT subject tests
  • Physics SAT subject test
  • Chemistry SAT subject test
  • Biology E/M SAT subject test
  • US History SAT II subject test
  • Literature SAT subject test
  • Spanish SAT subject test
  • PSAT
  • Latin
  • Biology AP
  • Chemistry AP
  • Physics AP
  • Calculus AP (AB)
  • US History AP
  • Environmental Science AP
  • Essay writing
  • GRE
  • GMAT
  • MCAT
  • LSAT
  • Homework tutoring

Dawn Ash, a Finalist in both National Merit and Presidential Scholar, and a 1998 honor student of the American Academy of Achievement, entered MIT at sixteen and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Philosophy. Dawn has studied ten languages, and in 2007, earned a law degree from Northeastern University. For six years, Dawn worked as an attorney on behalf of disadvantaged children and families in Massachusetts. Since 2013, Dawn has worked as a private tutor.

Dawn brings tremendous enthusiasm to tutoring, along with love for teaching and learning. Dawn’s tutoring style is passionate, kind and supportive of all students, at all skill levels.

Cheryl Casquejo

Tutoring Expertise:

  • Homework: all subjects
  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • ACT
  • SSAT and ISEE Preparation
  • Subject Tests: Math Level 1 and Math Level 2, Chemistry, Spanish, Biology, Physics
  • AP Calculus, AP Statistics, AP Biology, and AP Chemistry Test Preparation
  • Tutor for Middle School Students
  • GRE
  • GMAT

Cheryl Casquejo received a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from MIT. She brings to her tutoring a unique combination of passion for the arts and knowledge of the sciences. Cheryl began her tutoring practice in northern California working with a variety of students from all cultural and economic backgrounds. She is a superb tutor — enthusiastic, personable, and highly skilled. Cheryl has over 10 years experience as a tutor. She provides support for all three sections of the SAT. She also provides support for all academic subjects, especially Spanish, biology, chemistry, physics, math (including Calculus AB and BC) and English.

Cheryl is also a certified conditioning specialist and partner dance instructor, expert at everything from Salsa to the Hustle. She and her husband, Steven Adcock, are world semi-finalists in Argentine Tango and Salsa. They are featured dancers in Marc Anthony’s video “Valio La Pena” and have appeared on MTV’s “Made.”

Cheryl’s assets as a teacher are her tremendous versatility allowing her to function as a “master tutor” who can provide support for students in almost any subject. She loves teaching as much as dancing as a professional.

NiNa Fernandes

Tutoring Expertise:

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • ACT
  • Subject Tests: Math Level 1 and Math Level 2, Biology
  • AP Biology
  • MCAS
  • SSAT, SHSAT, ISEE Preparation

NiNa received a bachelor’s degree in Biology with honors, magna cum laude, from Northeastern University, a master’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering from Tufts University, a graduate certificate in Bioinformatics from Northeastern University, and an Ed.D from Regis College. She worked as a researcher and a scientist at several biotech companies in greater Boston while also tutoring.

NiNa has more than 20 years of experience in education and counseling, as a classroom teacher and as a tutor of students from a wide range of academic and cultural backgrounds. NiNa started tutoring while in high school; her love for tutoring motivated her to continue tutoring as she pursued her degrees and work in research. She tutors a variety of standardized test including the MCAS. She has a particular interest in tailoring instruction to meet the needs of her students.

NiNa loves languages. She is fluent in two languages, and has a working knowledge of three more. She enjoys volunteering, baking, cooking and dancing. Her utmost pleasure is taking care of her family, particularly her two young children.

Karen Koshner

Tutoring Expertise:

  • Writing Coach

Karen Koshner comes to Weston Tutor Collaborative after a career in journalism. She was a reporter for The Chicago Sun-Times newspaper and a television writer and producer for WCBS in New York and WBZ in Boston. In addition, her stories have been published in Boston magazine and The Washington Star newspaper. She has tutored children in the Brookline Public Schools and at 826 Boston, as well as adult women at Rosie’s Place in Boston. Karen received a Bachelor of Science degree in Journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Andrea Saunders

Tutoring Expertise:

  • SSAT
  • SAT
  • ACT
  • Algebra 1
  • Algebra 2
  • Geometry
  • Precalculus
  • Calculus
  • GRE

Andrea holds a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Cornell University. While at Carnegie-Mellon she worked as a research assistant where she studied waveguides and their applications to rotation rate sensing. After graduating and working for a few years in the engineering industry, she returned to academia and became a teacher and tutor of mathematics at two notable private schools in New England. She also taught SAT courses throughout the greater Boston area while earning her Teacher's Certification. She prides herself in teaching in a manner that is comfortable for her students while helping them reach their academic goals and achieve success.

Justin Serio

Tutoring Expertise:

  • Homework - Science and Math
  • Math1/Math2, Biology, Biology E/M, Chemistry, Physics Subject Tests
  • AP Classes - Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus, Environmental Science
  • Middle School Tutoring

Justin Serio holds a bachelors degree in Biochemistry from Brandeis University and has recently graduated from the University of Michigan with a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Pathology. Justin is a major advocate for STEM outreach programs and has a wide range of experiences coaching science olympiad teams, designing interactive displays for patrons of the Detroit Zoo's Summer Scientist Days, and is trained in translating science concepts to the general public. As a tutor, Justin believes every student is capable given the right approach and enjoys seeing the light bulb go on when they learn something new. He can provide assistance with SAT/ACT, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics up to the AP level, and enjoys working with students of all ages and knowledge levels. When not teaching or in the lab, Justin is an active ultimate frisbee player, trivia expert, and escape room enthusiast.

Melissa Verrochi

Tutoring Expertise:

  • SAT Reasoning Test
  • ACT
  • Math Level 1, Math Level 2 and Chemistry Subject Tests
  • SSAT and ISEE Preparation
  • Homework: Chemistry and Math

Melissa brings years of experience in education to her tutoring role. In addition to years of tutoring one-on-one, Melissa teaches SAT test preparation at The Belmont Hill Summer School Program and has taught at other private programs in years past. Some of her students scores have increased by 290 to 370 points! Melissa enjoys tailoring her lessons to meet the specific needs of the student and finding a way to make learning fun. Melissa previously taught all levels of high school and middle school math and physics and chemisty at a private, college preparatory high school in Colorado. Melissa holds a bachelors in chemistry from Bowdoin College and has done graduate work in education at University of Colorado and in mediation and negotiation at Harvard Law School's Mediation Program and Program on Negotiation where she also taught and trained law students.

Ari Salinger

Ari Salinger received a BS/MS degree in Biophysics and Biochemistry from Brandeis University, followed by a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2017. During his time as a graduate student, Ari worked as an outreach coordinator and mentor advocating for and preparing laboratory experiences for middle and high school students. Ari is currently working as an academic, post-doctoral researcher as he looks forward to becoming a professor.

As a teacher, Ari prides himself in being able to make abstract topics more approachable. He enjoys working with students from diverse academic backgrounds and appreciates the process of getting to know how to best teach each student. Outside of the laboratory, Ari has worked as a professional improv comedian and as a team-building instructor.