Weston Tutor Collaborative

About Us

Weston Tutor Collaborative is where students realize their academic potential through expert tutoring and support that nurtures curiosity, creativity and intellectual engagement.

What We Do

Weston Tutor Collaborative provides the tools for student success through homework tutoring and on college entrance exam preparation such as ACT and SAT.

Weston Tutor Collaborative was established as an outgrowth of the college consulting firm, Admissions Advantage. Susan Simon, founder of Admissions Advantage, is an educational consultant and former college admissions officer. Susan recognizes the importance of a strong academic record when applying to college.

In creating Weston Tutor Collaborative, Susan provides an outstanding resource for families. Susan spent several years searching for the very best tutors to facilitate learning especially when there are gaps in student success. In addition, she stresses the importance of strong verbal, math and science skills required for success in an increasingly competitive world. The Collaborative tutors engage students and guide them to find excitement in learning.